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Deliverex - Devlog 002

Updated: Jul 4

Hey everyone,

Today I'll showcase the initial coding work I've done in the game.

Most of the work right is about building up the base structure of the game, and it's far from being done but step by step the picture will become clearer.

Will be doing an incremental technical progress of the gameplay, we know the main goal is to manage a delivery company and maintain profits to a certain degree which can allow you to achieve the completion state of the game.

Here's a masterpiece illustration demonstrating the base case of delivery.

Climbing from the down up, the simplest form for any delivery process is

  1. Having a driver in a specific zone

  2. Having a restaurent signed up to the delivery company in that zone

  3. Using a complex algorithm (every 10 seconds haaa) a custome would require an order

  4. Find an idle driver in that zone and assign it to the restaurant.

  5. Restaurant starts making the order

  6. When it's done the driver will take it and deliver it to the customer

  7. +$ to the company

When this base process is done, other elements can be built upon it like, time of delivery, variation of orders, multiple ordering, effeciency of drivers etc...

Pretty exciting stuff at least technically.

If you reached this far, thanks for giving the time to read devlog. <3

Stay tuned for more updates

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