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Deliverex - Devlog 003

Updated: Jul 8

Hey all,

Today's update will be more art-sy.

Generally in the game you'll start in a specific city, small or large it's all depending on the difficulty of the game.

Each city will have a bunch of zones, and each zone will have partners and drivers.

So far the complexity of the game will be 80% on code and 20% visual, this could vary later on in the design and implementation.

But overall I want the visual to look appealing , catchy and simple, yet not very processing heavy.

These points directly correlate with my favourite type of 3D art "Low Poly"

Since I'm not a great designer, I found a great asset package in Unity Store that allows me to generate random cities with a beautifuly simple low-poly.

Here are two screenshots

Hope you're excited -I know I am-

That's it for this devlog,

See you all in the next one


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