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Deliverex - Devlog 005

Hey everyone,

It's been a while since I've posted a devlog and that's for a good reason.

I've been busy with some personal matters but also I've spent more time building up the base architecture and refactoring the existing stuff to be more modular, and that paid off very well.

I was able to build more modules in a quicker pase comparing to when I built the first one of that type.

Away from programming mumbo jumbo.

I have built several systems that will handle the following:

  • HR Panel

  • Drivers Panel

  • Zones Panel

I won't go into details in each but briefly explain what each does (right now) and they would do much more as the architecture and gameplay matures more:

  • HR Panel: Handle searching for hiring candidates in different fields (At the moment we have Drivers) where we can hire them from a randomly generated pool of candidates with reasonable salary expectations according to their skills.

  • Drivers Panel: Display all the drivers hired in the company along with their information, each new recruit wouldn't be assigned to any zone so there would be a link button to assign them to a zone

  • Zones Panel: Display all the existing zones in the level along with their details including the amount of partners (shops, restaurants...) in general and the signed ones by sales, along with number of assigned drivers

Building the above accelerated the way I link up various modules all over the game with each other and that gives me the leisure to design, plan and integrate more gameplay logic.

Next on the agenda is 0.1.0 Alpha as the current logic is slightly maturing and it's coming close to an actual alpha release where I can test out the simplest form of gameplay.

If you want to support me in this journey please do so through Patreon and Paypal.

Thanks for sticking around in this devlog and for your support.

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