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Deliverex - Devlog 006

Hey everyone,

I come bringing some exciting news, first of all we have an established HR hiring system where I added a new employee type to the existing schema "Sales" which makes them two for now "Drivers" and "Sales".

Please keep in mind that the game is still in pre-alpha stage and there are no glamourous UI for now, it's all primitive UI.

Here's a simple GIF for displaying how a hiring process goes for Sales person

The second thing is we have a Sales panel logic integrated where:

  • List all the hired Sales people

  • Get general info of each employee

  • Request Sales to look for leads (Partners basically)

  • When they finish the previous process we can see the result and sign a specific Partner

Keeping in mind that Sales have the following attributes at this stage:

  • Name: Employee name

  • Partner Discovery Rate: How many partners can they find

  • Sales Conversion Time: How long does it take them to find partners

  • Salary: Employee salary

Image of the Sales attributes

Of course the generation of random Sales people is established according to their attributes, for example the higher number of Partner Discovery Rate would yiel higher salary and vice versa.

Similarly for the Conversion Time, the lower time the better the salary and vice versa.

Within the Sales panel when we select a Sales person we can initiate an action for them to start looking for Partners as seen below (Of course when they are Idle only)

Below is an image of the Sales panel after selecting one Sales person

Similarly when they finish searching for Partners we will have a result awaiting our approval, which we need to select a partner to sign

Here's a GIF that demonstrates displaying the results and signing a partner

As soon as any Sales person completed a sale they will accumulate Sales Reports which we can explore as their sales history

Here's a GIF that demonstrates displaying the Sales Report

That was the main work done recently, but there were several other fixes and upgrades under the hood as well.

If you want to support me in this journey please do so through Patreon and Paypal.

Thanks for sticking around in this devlog and for your support.

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