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Deliverex - Devlog 007

Hey everyone,

With great joy I've finished a new milestone in Deliverex, reaching the pre-alpha v0.0.1

As the state clearly mentions "pre-alpha" the game is still in its infancy stage but features are maturing exponentially.

Here are the features in this version

  • Preconfigured three zones.

  • Preconfigured fifteen Restaurants (Partners) where each zone would have five.

  • Preconfigured a bunch of Meals (Items) which are distributed unto the restaurants.

  • Hiring drocess for Drivers and Sales.

  • Ability to assign Drivers into a specific Zone.

  • Having the ability to search for Partners to sign via Sales in a specific Zone.

  • Each Zone has a randomized timer which triggers an order request for a Partner in that Zone, where the Zone handler would seek an idle Driver and assign them to the order.

  • Delivering for the order process, then Driver returns to Idle state.

  • Simple Finance panel where it shows expenses/income/revenue along with the current balance, minimal data showing such as salaries and earnings from each order

For geeks like me here's a simple overview for some of the core elements in the game.

Next step would be v0.0.1 which should include the following features

  • Game time: integrate time logic in the game which will be used as the main bone for all time based processes.

  • Ability to change Zones for Drivers.

  • Game time integration for PartnerOrder progress (From request, prepare till delivering)

  • Game time integration for Sales lead finding progress.

  • Sales Result Detaisl: Include more details about Partners in the Sales result (Currently only showing names and sign button)

  • Group Order: upgrade the current order system to include more than one item (randomizd, could be one or more)

More minor stuff would appear along the way such as refactoring or clean ups or event upgrading specific processes.

That's all for this devlog.

If you want to support me in this journey please do so through Patreon and Paypal.

Thanks for sticking around in this devlog and for your support.

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