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Deliverex - Devlog 008

Hey everyone,

Coming in hot with a pre-alpha v0.0.2

Here are the features applied since the previous version:

  • Time Aspect: New time system integrated in the game using Ticks where each second would be one tick, and every time-based element in the game (Driving Time, Sales Report Completion Time, Order Prepare Time...) will have a tick value. For an initial integration a single tick would represent 15 minutes

  • Progress handling: With the new time system applied it's easier to keep track of different progresses, such as preparing item progress or delivering an order progress. Where there would be a detached class that works with the Tick based time system and has an elapsed ticks and a total ticks along with a reference ID and progress type. Equivalent elements would listen to their respective progress items.

  • Timer Status (UI): This mostly visual update utilizes the previous logic to obtain the current progress and display it in the viewer's respective UI element (Order Prepare Progress, Delivering Order Progress and Sales Lead Finding Progress)

  • Multi-Item Orders: Previously, each order would have only one item to prepare by the partner, but now there's a new element called "OrderRequest" which will include several information before starting an order, one of them a number of how many items to prepare. The number is currently randomized between 1 and 4.

  • Driver Changing Zones: The ability to change the assigned zone of a driver from one to another, keeping in mind that this is only possible when the driver is Idle.

  • Updated Sales Result: The previous UI presentation for the result of a Sales report is updated with its own UI Panel and it includes a list of possible partners along with available items to order from each one.

The game is getting slightly more mature and I believe creating new features will be more elastic and upgrading existing ones as well.

That's all for this devlog.

If you want to support me in this journey please do so through Patreon and Paypal.

Thanks for sticking around in this devlog and for your support.

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